Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Eden-Solving For X

Pure Steel Records

Las Angeles' based New Eden was formed in 1993 by guitarist Horacio Colmenares. After making great strides thanks to their well-received "Through The Make Believe Now" four of the five members left due to personality clashes. While those four members would end up forming Destiny's End guitarist Horatio Colmenares carried on and after enlisting new members released "Obscure Master Plan" to rave reviews. With this being album number four great things are to be expected from New Eden right? Does it touch either of those first two albums though? By these worn in ears the answer falls somewhere in between. Better than their debut although not up to the standards of that excellent sophomore release. Since I have never heard the last album by these power metal warriors ("Stagnant Progression") I can't say if it is an improvement. I'm simply going by the first two albums which I have heard thanks to fellow metal lovers. Don't let that persuade you though if your a New Eden fan. Certainly I can't say if this is better or worse than album number three only that it sounds good to this old man. Without fail this is superb US power metal and while it might not go down as their greatest work ever it is a shinning achievement in the genre and an album I have no doubt to be visiting again soon.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I haven't heard this one yet but i really liked stagnant progression and the first 2.

Back in 97 I was in LA on a business trip to visit with metal blade and century media as I was doing distro for them. At century's office there was a flyer on the fridge for a free show in van nuys featuring new eden. i freaked out. i loved through the make believe. much to my surprise when i got there, james rivera had just joined the band. they killed it that night and it was shortly thereafter those guys left to for destiny's end.

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