Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ninja Magic-Lethal Ninjaction


When you think about all of the names this band could have choose and then they settled on Ninja Magic? And that album cover? Wow. Just plain bad folks. Honestly it looks more like some sort of B-grade martial arts film right? Get past that and what you will discover is top of the line female-fronted melodic heavy metal/power metal with plenty of skill and memorable hooks. Hailing from northern Sweden this is another one of those bands to keep an eye on. Now, the best part of all of this it that Ninja Magic has made their new album available for free. Information can be found through the one and only Strappado below and as always much thanks must be given to my friend. Yet again he has helped turn us all on to a quite charming new act that really is flat-out rocking. One last thing it should be noted that the album is dedicated to the memory of Marcus Degerman. Follow them at Facebook for updates and click on the link below for more information on this free download.

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