Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Nightmare / Sony / Red

Australia's Teramaze formed in 1993 and despite having several albums to their name are pretty much an unknown entity outside their homeland. At first listen (and run through of the promo material) I thought these gentlemen are just another act lost in the field of thrash. With some patience though "Anhedonia" unfolds as much more than just common thrash. The band actually have adopted a sound that mixes in thrash, speed metal, progressive metal, power metal and groove metal. Fans of Nevermore, Karnivool, Pantera, Believer and Tool should find much to love about this album and these white metal musicians. Produced/Mixed by Dean Wells and mastered by Lasse lammert in Germany the album sounds sharp and flawless. Teramaze have provided a solid album of modern metal without the downside of the genre. Certainly this is a group that should appeal to progressive thrash fans as well as those who enjoy the more unique things in life like the styling of Devin Townsend.

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