Saturday, March 31, 2012


Fernando De Luca

“NoMoreSpeech” is the self-titled debut album from this young female-fronted Italian band. Unapologetic crossover rock is how the promo describes the group's blistering sound and as unusual as that might sound somehow it fits them like a glove. Lead by fiery and intense front-woman Alteria (who is also a television personalty with Rock Tv and RAI TV as well as hosting a radio show at the band is rounded out by Tony Cordaro (guitars), Nando de Luca (bass) and Roby Fabiani (drums). Their album starts off on the right foot with "Lying Queen". This track shows off Alteria's intensity and her strong personality. Imagine if Paramore had more full-force impact and had been influenced by great heavy metal bands of old. "Bonjour" shows off the strength of this Italian rock band. Falling somewhere between new modern rock/alternative rock and radio metal it has heavy bass riffs and melodic vocals. The album's second single “Think Or Feel” is up next and like album opener "Lying Queen" flirts with the sounds of modern rock bands. Only with NoMoreSpeech there is more of a punk/metal and even lightweight doom vibe going on. "Bplan" starts off as funk punk metal before picking up steam. The band's first single “Picture Of Gold” has already been on heavy rotation on local television and radio stations and one can see why. "Void" features some interesting emphasis on texture while "Here And Now" features more of that bass heavy rock that made nu metal bands big the first time around. "No Reason" offers plenty of reasons to like this band and the same can be said of the slightly offbeat cover of "Relax". Hearing Frankie Goes to Hollywood as a heavy rock crunchy is certainly interesting. At almost fifty minutes in length this album is a rock and roll scorcher. Now I know for a fact that iTunes carries this superb debut album. Beyond that actual CD copies of “NoMoreSpeech” might be a bit harder to track down here in the States. For fans of crunchy radio rock/metal this is an album to search out. It has an edge to it thanks to the lead vocals of Alteria. Having strong women in rock music is nothing new of course it is only that this red head brings her A game to the table and really brings serious fury to the rally. Below I've provided a link to the band's "Think or Feel" video.

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