Friday, March 30, 2012

Steel Assassin- WW II: Metal of Honor

High Roller Records

Boston classic metal band Steel Assassin was formed back in 1980. Originally known as Assassin they started out as a cover band playing music by the likes of Saxon, Raven, Accept, Judas Priest, AC/DC, Iron Maiden and Tygers of Pan Tang. They were one of countless eighties bands to get their start on the "Metal Massacre" compilations. In their case it was on volume VI with the killer song "Executioner". Despite a seemingly solid fan base and tons of potential they broke up around 1985. For whatever reason the major labels showed little interest and aside from an indie offer or two the band found themselves the victims of various internal problems. Fast forward many years and a compilation of remastered demo tracks was released. Called "From The Vaults" it would prove to be my first proper introduction to this epic band as I was afforded only a sneak peek on their "Metal Massacre" track. With a few proper albums to their name now Steel Assassin present this brand new concept album. Dedicated to the brave men and women who fought in WWII the album is another epic power metal affair. Musically not much has changed for the group so rest assured if you liked the group's last album then you'll like "World War II – Metal of Honor". Obviously the band seems to be becoming somewhat of a theme band as of late. That said isn't that the direction most epic power metal bands are heading these days anyway? What matters most to you and I is the music of course and that does not disappoint. In a year that has already seen more than a few great albums Steel Assassin have released a winner.

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I liked these guys a lot. Need to hear this one.

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