Saturday, March 31, 2012

Jack Blades-Rock-n-roll ride

Jack Blades - Rock 'n Roll Ride


Jack Blades (Night Ranger, Damn Yankees) releases his second solo album only a year after the last Night Ranger release "Somewhere in California". So he has obviously been busy. I have always been lukewarm to the acts he has been in, but most surprisingly this is a fairly solid album. Of course there is nothing groundbreaking, but Blades sticks to what he knows which is AOR tinged hard rock. This album could have been released in 1989 from the way it sounds. I mean that last comment as a compliment for sure. Many of the tracks are very much radio friendly and call upon the sounds from Blades' previous bands and projects. Many of the songs are of a similar tempo, but he does an alright job of mixing up the pace with the likes of a solid churning track like "Say you will" and the smooth yet mellow "Don't give up". My only complaint on this album would be that the slower songs definitely outweigh the heavier ones. Overall a decent outing and Blades sounds very comfortable on every track.

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