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Interview With Bob Mitchell

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing legendary heavy metal vocalist Bob Mitchell. In addition to singing with Alchemy X, Attacker and Vyndykator Bob is currently fronting a re-formed Sleepy Hollow. I want to thank Bob for taking time away from his busy schedule to talk with us here at Heavy Metal Time Machine and if you haven't already be sure to pick up a copy of Sleepy Hollow's new album "Skull 13"

Andy: Bob, thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions for Heavy Metal Time Machine. Let’s start off with the new album. Can you tell us how did it come about? How did the band get back together after so much time apart?

Bob Mitchell: It all came together rather quickly. Steve (Stegg, guitarist) had all of this great music written, plus, we had some material that was written back in the nineteen eighties when the band first got together, but, it never came together until now.Over the years the band has sustained its popularity and in recent years there was a renewed interest so it was suggested by several friends that we get back together again and it wasn’t even of matter of giving it a second thought. We knew that the time was right and now we are enjoying successes that should have happened years ago, but as they say, better late than never.

Andy: "Skull 13" really packs a punch. You must be thrilled by all the positive reviews.

BM: Thank you for the compliment, brother. Personally, I am deeply humbled and I know this feeling reflects the band as a whole as well as our producer Eric Fisher. A lot of love and work went into this album. Amongst ourselves, we are very proud of our new album and to now see the positive reactions from not only the press members but from the fans and our peers is just simply incredible.

Andy: You've had some line-up chances since the album was finished. Tell us what happened?

BM: Quite simply, our original bass player could not commit, in any capacity, to the band. As we were finishing up the recording of the album we had gotten some offers for live performances and we had asked our friend Mike LePond to join us as our “live” bassist. After our live commitments were fulfilled, it was at Mike’s high recommendation that we get Alan (D’Angelo). So without hesitation we brought him in and we are now a complete band. Alan is such an asset to us and he’s an invaluable member. He’s in our new video “Spiral Effect” and we had our first performance with Alan at the Gramercy Theater in New York when we opened for the Michael Schenker Group.

Andy: You formed Sleep Hollow back in August of 1989 correct? How did it all come about?

BM: Our guitarist was getting married at the time. So, Tommy (Wassman, drummer) and I were invited and during the reception we talked about jamming together and then the conversations got serious enough that we decided to officially become a band. So we did and the rest, as they say, is history.

Andy: Sleepy Hollow was short lived. What happened?

BM: Steve had decided to leave the band and we decided that we wanted to continue. Before that he recorded our self titled album that was eventually released by Azra records. We tried becoming a two guitar band but quite honestly, as hard as we tried, it wasn’t the same without him so after about two years, approximately, I retired the band and walked away from music for a while.

Andy: You've been in quite a few bands over the years. How does Sleepy Hollow stack up against the others?

BM: Well I’ve had tremendous success with some and not so much with the others. Each band was great in their own respective way, and quite different from one another, however. In my heart, I really believe that we can and we will surpass anything I have ever done and earn ourselves some great success. In the last month, or so, we have already read the great reviews to our album. At our live shows, recently, the response to our new music has been tremendous so it’s already happening and God willing, it will only get better.

Andy: “Skull 13" saw the majority of the original Sleepy Hollow line-up return except for Steve Brink. Does Steve still play music?

BM: I’m not sure to be honest. I don’t keep in touch with him. But knowing him, he’s probably doing well for himself.

Andy: What does the year hold for Sleepy Hollow? Tour plans for the US?

BM: We are currently performing and as of now, and it could change after this interview is published, we are booked through July with more offers coming in. I would suggest going to our official website for more details.

Andy: Hopefully "Skull 13" is not a one time deal. Please tell us Sleepy Hollow is back for good. Right?

BM: No it is not a one time deal. Sleepy Hollow is contracted for two more albums with Pure Steel. As much as we will be busy promoting “Skull 13”, we’re already formulating ideas for the next album. So believe me when I tell you, we’re here for the long run my friend. We’ll continue as long as the fans want us.

Andy: "Skull 13" was produced by guitarist Steve Stegg and Eric Fisher correct? Also, it was recorded in a very non-traditional way if I'm not mistaken with the guitars being recorded first followed by the drums, the vocals the bass and then more guitars. With such an unconventional approach one might expect "Skull 13" to sound artificial. That isn't the case at all however as the production is simply outstanding. How did the band achieve a sound that was both modern and yet classic in nature?

BM: Hmmm…. not sure how I could answer that since I am not technically inclined, (laughs). In your question you pointed out the main details on the making of “Skull 13” and I agree the results are outstanding and our producer Eric (Fisher) along with Steve brought their respective visions to light thus resulting in an album of tremendous Heavy Metal music tailored for the fans. I enjoyed myself during the vocal sessions and it was very much an easy process. I am very proud of this album and everyone involved with making it happen.

Andy: What is your favorite track on the new album?

BM: I would have to say that “Spiral Effect” is my absolute favorite followed by “Midnight” and “Eternal Bridge”. Actually, I love the entire album but those three really do it for me.

Andy: How is it that even after all these years apart the band sounds better than ever Bob?

BM: I believe it can be summed up this way, we are true to ourselves and we have tremendous passion for what we do. We also have a strong chemistry and friendship amongst ourselves. Those are the key ingredients that will sustain Sleepy Hollow for a long time to come.

Andy: Is there anything you'd like to tell your fans out there?

BM: I speak on the bands behalf on this so thanks to all of the fans for keeping us alive for the entire time we were gone. “Skull 13” is our gift to all of you. We look forward to seeing all of you on stage and we will continue to bring Metal to the Masses as long as you want us.

Andy: How about I give you the final word. Any final thoughts?

BM: Thank you brother for this opportunity. I always enjoy doing these interviews and I hope that it was informative as well as entertaining. Take care and enjoy “Skull 13”.

Review of "Skull 13":

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