Sunday, April 01, 2012

Heavy metal and hard rock comebacks in 2012


There are always band attempting comebacks every year. Some work out and some don't. SO here are one quarter of the way through 2012 and already there have been some comebacks and there are more on the horizon. Van Halen are probably the one that is the most high profile comeback. On top of that Fastway, Exumer and others have made comebacks as well. The best one to me so far this year is far and away Angel Witch with their album "As above so below". It's such an impressive effort that it would be hard to imagine it not being one of if not the best comeback albums of 2012 plus it may even be good enough to make some top ten lists for the year as well. Yes, that is very surprising. However the new Saint Vitus is only weeks away as well. That could be an impressive comeback as well.

***So what comeback or releases from veteran bands have you enjoyed in 2012 so far? Are there any coming out soon that you are looking forward to?

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Blogger Andy said...

I'll take Angel Witch Mark. Unreal how good the album is. Sleepy Hollow also sound great. As you know I am not much of a Van Halen fan but it is a good album. Really though they just dusted off old cuts and recorded them with Dave.

11:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will get ahold of the new Fastway. Nothing will ever beat their debut album and that lineup though.

I like the new Van Halen a great deal... only the spot-on production comes right out at me, a little more "raw" vibe never hurts. You can hear the change in David Lee Roth's vocals, yet we're all getting older with each passing year... LOL!

- Stone \m/\m/

6:50 PM  

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