Monday, April 02, 2012

Shok Paris-"Those Eyes/Battle Cry (Live)" Digital Single

Auburn Music

If you grew up in the shadow of Cleveland in the eighties there were two bands you knew about-Breaker and Shok Paris. Those two bands were the top of the heap when it came to Ohio's heavy metal scene in the eighties and put us on the map. Of the two acts I always gave the slight edge to Shok Paris. Their music was part mainstream hard rock and part melodic/traditional heavy metal. In other words it was hard and heavy music that often bordered on power metal. For many of us collectors it was pure eighties bliss. Despite a size able following and some national press coverage Shok Paris was never able to make it to the next level. The band certainly deserved more in the way of recognition. Of the group's three album's "Go For The Throat" is my favorite although all three are classics to these ears. Released on Auburn Music it is classic eighties heavy metal and the band at their heaviest. With that said "Steel And Starlight" seems to be the one album most people know about and still mention in chat rooms with "Concrete Killers" coming in a close second. Both records were released at the tail end of the eighties on I.R.S. Records and should appeal to old school hard rock/heavy metal fans. Notice that I said tail end of the eighties because this single it the first new music from Shok Paris is 23 years. Talk about taking a break away from the scene! The fact is in those 23 years the scene has changed quite a bit. The funny thing is what was once old and out of style is now hip and cool again. Weird how things work out sometimes. "Those Eyes" might be group's first new music in 23 years but they certainly haven't lost any focus! The new track is from the group's fourth full-length album, "Full Metal Jacket", which is scheduled for release later this year via Auburn Records. "Those Eyes" finds the band in familiar territory as the walk the line between hard and heavy metal and power metal. The song was recorded and mixed at Mercinary Studios in Cleveland, Ohio by Jason Vanek (Eternal Legacy) and if the new album proves to be even half as good as this single is then we should all be in for a treat! The new song reminded me of listening to Shok Paris on the radio back in my high school days and how amazed I was that a local band could sound that killer. The live version of "Battle Cry" (off of "Go For The Throat") sounds good and reminds us just how much these guys excelled in a live setting. Both tracks are available on iTunes and have me anticipating what is sure to be one of 2012's better comeback albums! Find out more at the link below and be sure to download your copy of this instant classic now.


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