Friday, April 06, 2012

Current Playlist


Listening to:

Incubus-To The Devil A Daughter

Killers-Fils De La Haine

Taist Of Iron-Resurrection 2011 Re-issue

Radio Birdman-The Essential Radio Birdman

Leather-Shock Waves

Carrion-Evil Is There!

CJSS-World Gone Made

Criminal-Dead Souls

Shok Paris-Go For The Throat

S.N.F.U.-And No One Else Wanted To Play


The Omega Man

Escape 2000

Doctor Who The Movie

Lisa And the Devil

Hell Night


Metal Mark-
Listening to-
Iron Maiden-A matter of life and death and Piece of mind
Executioner-The storm after the calm
Buster Cherry-s/t
Wishbone Ash-Argus
Smash Alley-Too late to say no
The Jackie Papers-I'm in love
Blue Cheer-The original human being
Cancer Bats-Dead set on living

Frasier season one
The Muppets season one
Iron Maiden En Vivo!
The creature from the black lagoon

a bunch of young adult books for my work
a bunch of 1970's comics as I slowly work my way through some of comics I have no looked at in years.

***What are you listening to, watching or reading?

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