Friday, April 06, 2012

Atom Smash-Beautiful Alien

Panacea Records

Miami's Atom Smash was formed in 2006 by vocalist "Serg"io Sanchez and Producer Paul Trustto. The duo began to write music and were soon introduced to Dr. Bill Ray owner of Panacea Records. After numerous line-up changes the group ended up in the services of Dirk Hemsath owner of Doghouse Records and The Working Group Artist Management. Hemsath took over management for the band and suggested the name Atom Smash. Two EPS were released in 2009. After recording a demo with producer David Bendeth the group would sign with Jive Records in early 2010. The band released their debut album "Love is in the Missile" later that same year. The track "Do Her Wrong" from their debut album would prove to be a hit on Sirius Xm's Octane channel. Now signed to Panacea Records the group offers the follow-up "Beautiful Alien". Will it get the same response as their debut album? It's cut from the same clothe. Listen to "Love Is The Missle" and then listen to "Beautiful Alien" and the same formula is in play. For starters "Serg"io Sanchez has this Paul Rodgers vibe going on. Not that this sounds like Free and Bad Company although there are many nods to classic rock. How many thousands of bands have been influenced by Led Zep? Atom Smash has got to be one of millions to be sure. Although I highly doubt any other post-Zep influenced bands could cover Seal's "Kiss From A Rose" and actually make it sound like something I wouldn't be embarrassed to be caught listening to. To turn this song into a hard rock crunchy well, I give them props. "Good Times, Dark Times" (more Zep love?) is post grunge classic rock. Same thing could be said of "Don't You Forget It". The album's first single "The World is Ours" is a song dedicated to "the rising population of uninspired teens on the verge of suicide". As a father of two (age 13 and 12) I appreciate the fact that Atom Smash choose to cover topics outside of the usual girls, alcohol and partying. While not the best cut on the album it is none the less inspiring and quite touching. Having known far too many people who have committed suicide the song hit home. The heavy hitting "Square One" offers fuzzed out hard rock and while none of the tracks on Atom Smash's sophomore release are remotely new to these ears (just listen to modern rock radio and there are thousands of bands playing this same sort of hard rock) the band at least does it with a eye towards perfection. Drummer Mark Annino (who would later be nick-named "Taco") is just killer as is bassist "Crazy" Dave Carrey. I'm not sure who handles the guitar work. Guitarist Alex Zilinski was part of the band. Whether it was him or guitarist Luke "Cowboy" Rice (or both?) the leads are solid and must make these Florida rockers a live act to behold. Especially since this sort of hard rock always sounds better live and in blazing color. Miami's Atom Smash might be a ways off from breaking into super stardom but for fans looking for good modern hard rock "Beautiful Alien" is some of the hardest hitting radio rock to come across my desk in a long time. Worth seeking out if your a fan of the genre.

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