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Mechanikill-Operation: Rebell

Mechanikill/CD Baby

Not much to go on with this band I'm afraid. Mechanikill was suggested by a friend of mine who is a total thrash metal junkie. How he came across this band I didn't think to ask. All that I have to go by is a very brief bio on their ReverbNation page. Based in Salinas, CA. the band was founded by guitarist David Carrasco and drummer Bijan Kooroshfar in 2010. The bio goes on to say "Metal is our specialty and we are serving it to the whole world". Pretty straight forward approach. The ReverbNation page also says that this band sounds like Megadeth, Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax and Avenged Sevenfold. I'd also like to mention Exodus, Overkill and some old school crossover. With just 5 songs and a run time under 30 minutes this one proved to be a nice after dinner treat for me. Hopefully someone knows more about the band and can fill me in. "Operation: Rebell" sounds more like a late eighties or early nineties release and features an above average production job, solid musicians and songs capable of rattling more than a few bones and chains. Not perfect and certainly not original and yet there is something about these guys that reminded me of better days. My thrash metal junkie friend was right on when he said I'd appreciate this one for nostalgia sake. Not the only thing I like about these guys but if there had to be just one thing these lads had going for them it is the heavy handed retro worship being laid down with love on this EP.!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard the demo too and I have a bone to pick with you. not only is it pretty far off from crossover, it sounds more like a sorry attempt at what was going on around 2004. the vocalist sounds like a unenthusiastic Ian Makaye. and the drummer plays like a guy the band desperately grabbed in order to be a band. you can judge a book by the cover on this one. skip it at all costs

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Blogger Andy said...

If you listen to it there is more of a crossover metal vibe than what was going on in 2004. I'm not going to argue that point as it is moot. Especially as it isn't perfect and shows a lot of growing pains. But I've heard a lot worse and even if this band isn't the next big thing they have a lot of love for what they are doing and sometimes that matters more than being at the top of the heap.

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