Sunday, April 08, 2012

Fury-Burn the Earth



This is the second EP in two years for 4-piece thrash metal act Fury. Note that this Fury hail from Worcester, West Midlands and shouldn't be confused with any of the various other bands known as Fury. I know what your thinking because I'm thinking it as well. It sure gets confusing when you have half a dozen bands with the same name. For what it is worth (and for some it might be worth more than others) this Fury sounds decent and this isn't a bad little 4-track EP. Trying to pin-point where I've heard these guys before or at least "that sound" was a little harder than usual. It might be the post-Easter feast in me (along with the bottle of wine split with my parents!) but, maybe later day Metallica with a bit of Iron Maiden thrown in to make things sparkle could be what they are aiming for? Could be and my friends/regular readers (all six of you) it could always be worse. Or rather things music-wise could always be worse. This could be nu metal or mallcore or really lame Euro style epic metal. So consider that for a second and this one doesn't seem so bad does it? And hey, at under $4.00 for a digital copy of this on Amazon it is worth a shot if your feeling adventurous right? Anyone?

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