Sunday, April 08, 2012

Vladimirs-The Late Hours

High Roller Records

This one actually came out in 2011 from what I've read. High Roller Records is just offering "The Late Hours" on LP for all fans of this classic horror punk group. This Ohio act was formed in 1995 (a fateful year for me!) and "The Late Hours" makes album number eight for the gang. Not much has changed for the group over the years and other than the departure of original bass player Doug Nevels in 2007 the line up has not changed at all. Granted there was a gap of five years for the band between their last album and 2011's "The Late Hours". Supposedly the band was just resting like freshly buried corpses. Lead screamer Marquis Thomas (who does the same sort of werewolf Elvis impersonation that Danzig made famous) says the group never split up for good. Apparently they were just busying themselves with old Misfits' records, Ghoulardi shows, Hammer Horror films and Famous Monsters Of Filmland magazines. As hinted at already there is major Danzig worship to be found here. From his work with the Misfits to his early heavy metal infused solo work this album reeks of all things Glenn. Seeing as Vladimirs were part of the second wave of horror punk this album also has all those familiar trademarks. In other words it sounds like horror punk did 20+ years ago. If that sounds like something you'd be into them by all means dig this one up either on CD (already) or LP (upcoming).

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