Tuesday, April 10, 2012


STF-Records / Finetunes

Here we have another album that has made it's way into my hands thanks to some fellow music collectors. For this being a new release (March) there really is not much to go on. Online it seems as if this is one obscure band with hardly any mention made of them. Even a search over at my bookmarked fave the Encyclopedia Metallum yielded no results. It is highly unusual these days for The Metal Archives not to have a band listed so that tells you something right there. All I had to go by for this album was a rather vague MySpace page. Who even uses MySpace anymore? I didn't even know it was still up and running. Anyway, this German band lists Iron Maiden, Iced Earth, Metallica and Kreator as influences. The thing is this sounds almost like a more NWOBHM version of Megadeth. Truly weird. You have song titles like "Angels of War", "Hail Of Bombs", "Bless The Alcohol" and "The God Of Thunder" so this 10-track album is certainly not offering any kind of uptight political or social situations type messages. Frankly that is rather refreshing. Rather, both the message and the music seems fairly middle of the road as far as a metal band goes. How nice it is to see a regular metal band that isn't trying to get all fancy with it's image or message. I know that I mentioned a few days back how nice it was to see a band sing about something other than women, alcohol and partying. That said sometimes it is just nice to see a metal band sing about metal "things". Call me crazy if you want. You wouldn't be the first person to or last person to. It is just that sometimes you want some old-fashioned heavy metal that requires little thought beyond "hey, that kind of rocks". You can find this release on places like Amazon and eMusic and really I have nothing bad to say about this bunch. Thunderskull offer simple yet effective straight forward heavy metal/thrash and despite the somewhat groan-inducing name/album art this one isn't too shabby.


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