Monday, April 09, 2012

A New Decree-A New Decree

A New Decree/CD Baby

Hailing from the "southern-most part of Georgia" is four-piece band A New Decree. Formed in the early part of 2010 the band is made up of vocalist/guitarist Garrett Cross, lead guitarist/vocalist Kevin Morris, bassist PA Morgan and Dustin Cross. The band's bio lists bands like Alter Bridge, Alice in Chains, Black Sabbath, and Black Stone Cherry as influences as well as artists like Paul Gilbert, Buckethead, Zakk Wylde, Mark Tremonti and Jon Fred Young. Vocalist Garrett Cross lists LaJon Witherspoon, Ronnie Van Zant and Myles Kennedy as influences and as far as I can gather this seems to be the band's debut. Judging by the acts that these guys draw from it shouldn't be too hard of a guess to figure what this album sounds like. A New Decree will not get any points for originality when it comes to their self-titled debut. However they do seem to be doing quite well for themselves in Canada and the UK . From what I hear on the album (think Nickleback if their biggest influence had been Metallica's "Black" album) I'm not surprised as this has modern rock radio airplay written all over it. The six songs are all about guitar-driven hard rock/metal and while they don't come of as anything new they at least sound better than half of the garbage I hear on rock radio. If I can find anything more about this young band I'll add to this review later on. As I said this seems to be their debut album and if that is the case A New Decree is off to a solid if unspectacular start.

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Blogger Andy said...

Obviously the last member of the band is their drummer. Spell-check does not catch other mistakes I'm afraid.

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