Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Trixter-New Audio Machine


It's safe to say that almost every band from years ago will make a comeback of sorts if they can. Sometimes they'll do it whether anyone wants them to or not. Before you say something like "they don't make music like they used to" maybe you better try and remember all the bands that were around in your day. That brings us to Trixter, remember them? They made a slight impact towards the tail end of the hair metal ride in the early 90's. Their young faces were in Metal Edge and all the other fluffier hard rock magazines of the time. They frequently had articles written about how young they were, this was their angle. I thought they sounded like Warrant, but possibly even worse. They had a very cookie cutter, watered down hard rock sound that fans with no taste swallowed down like soda pop. I know that various members had been in other projects over the years. I knew they were gigging together as Trixter in more recent years. So I knew it was inevitable they would do an album. So here it is, Trixter giving us another album. I tried hard to be fair, I really focused in on every song. What we have is instead of second rate Warrant we get second rate Bon Jovi this time around. The vocals have some inflection and in some ways the music is slightly tighter, but twenty years later it certainly should be. However it should also be more creative and catchier, but it's not. I am sure someone who blindly loves all hair metal will proclaim "that Trixter have matured". Trust me they have not. They have better production and they take their time a little, but this is still formulaic, polished, lukewarm hard rock that you have already heard years ago and done by better bands. I stuck in there for songs like "Tattoos and Misery" and "Physical attaction" trying to hear where they had progressed and it didn't happen at least to an extent for me to enjoy this completely predictable pulp. I understand them taking another stab at it I really do. Although they try to change their approach a little it's just a matter of them not having the writing or playing skills to really make music that anyone should care about. There's better hard rock around than this, folks.

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