Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Demon Lung-Pareidolia


Of all the places in America Las Vegas is the last place I would think of when it comes to doom metal. So how is it then that they have such a highly skilled doom band? And one that is less then 2 years old to boot! With my surprise aside what better way could you find to wind down a cold and snowy Tuesday evening in April than with 22-minutes of Black Sabbath/Candlemass inspired doom? Fronted by Jinx Dawson loving Shanda Frederick (Jinx was in the band Coven who incidentally are another influence and point of reference) this Las Vegas’ female-fronted doom quartet is packing a hell of a right hand punch on these 4 tracks. Supposedly the band wrote/demoed over 20 songs, choosing these four as the best of the bunch for inclusion on "Pareidolia". Impressive isn't strong enough a word. This is classic doom/epic doom of the highest quality. Those who love the classics (Candlemass for sure) will embrace this act. For a band that also had their first show in March 2011 to have already shared the stage with such heavy hitters of the scene as High on Fire, Jucifer and the mighty Pentagram says something to. Shanda Frederick and her band mates should be household names in a few years if they play their cards right. Now this 4-track EP is available for purchase for $4 through and Hex Records is also producing a limited cassette release of "Pareidolia" this month for those who can't get enough plastic in their lives. Be sure not to miss this killer traditional/epic doom metal release.

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