Thursday, April 12, 2012

Havok-Point of No Return

Candlelight Records

Havok's sophomore release was reviewed by Metal Mark (link below) and as I was just reading it (I like to re-read both of our old reviews on bands we've covered prior to writing the new reviews) I found myself in complete agreement with my friend on the band's influences. This is old school thrash from a band still rather young and just starting their career. With this special EP release you get two new songs, remakes of Sepultura and Slayer classics, and both of the thrashers music videos from their album that Metal Mark reviewed back in January of 2011, "Time Is Up". Opener "Point of No Return" is one nice little ball breaker. It starts off in early Prong territory before getting itself soaking wet in 80's thrash. "From the Cradle to the Grave' is just pure blood-soaked thrash not unlike Exodus meets Destruction. The Exodus influence is especially obvious although that is never a bad thing to hear if you ask me. Any band that must have loved those first three Exodus albums as much as I did (and still do!) deserves serious props. The two covers, "Arise" and "Post Mortem/Reigning Blood" are classics in their own right and while Havok might not improve upon these killer cuts they do them justice. Then again I'm not sure anyone could cover those two songs and make them sound better so I'll cut them some slack and just enjoy the break neck thrash for what it is. This Denver thrash band is the stuff Saturday nights are made for. In other words a night of cold beer drinking and sweating your ass off slam dancing. This is a nice treat for Havok fans and if the two new tracks are any indication of the direction of album number three then we should all be in for a treat.

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Blogger Metal Mark said...

Need to make time to hear this one. One of my favorite retro-thrash bands.

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