Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Best Hair Metal albums of all time-Honorable mentions


As I announced the other day I will be tackling a top 25 hair metal albums of time list. Over the last few days I listened to albums and made the list. However I decided to put out some honorable mentions first and then tomorrow and I'll begin the countdown with numbers 25-21.Here in no order are the honorable mentions.

Spread Eagle-s/t (1990)
Generally I think hair metal was getting weaker in the 90's, but these guys were one of the exceptions.

Black-n-Blue-s/t (1984)
Now they may have made the top 25 list had their debut album been more like their demo. Still a very good effort even if some of the lyrics are really bad.

Wrathchild-Stakk Attack- Do you want my love- twelve inch (1983) and s/t (1984)
Both the single and their debut LP were rough and simple. However these guys don't always get the credit they deserve for being very influential on this style.

Kix-s/t (1981)
Usually this band gets far more credit than they deserve, but their debut was fun. Also because I grew up in Maryland the local radio stations played songs off this album like every hour or so in the 80's.

Dangerous Toys-s/t (1989)
As much just straight out ass kicking rock and roll as it is hair metal.

Pretty Boy Floyd-Leather boys with electric toys (1989)
Totally unoriginal album. However it's catchy and slick, which is why it still holds well today.

Alleycat Scratch-Dead Boys in trash city (1993)
Kind of like Poison done by guys that could play their instruments.

Bastardz-Jungle Outlawz(2008)
Wait, a hair band with a decent rhythm section? How'd that happen? Oh, I see, it wasn't done in the 1980's.

Cowboy Prostitutes-Swingin' at the gates (2008)
So much attention has been given to the Swedish glam explosion in recent years. Yet some fine glam bands have come out of Italy too. This is the best one I have heard. This album came so close to making my top 25. Any young band wanting to play glam should really hear this album.

Crashdiet-Rest in sleaze (2005)
The best of the bands from the Swedish glam explosion.

***I'll begin the countdown of the top 25 hair metal albums of all time tomorrow.

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Blogger Andy said...

I remember when I was working on my zine and I got sent a promo tape of Spread Eagle. At the time I was all about punk and thrash and was almost going to just toss it. Glad I gave it a shot because they are killer hard rock. Same goes for Dangerous Toys. Their s/t album is hell raising rock and roll more than anything!

4:24 AM  
Anonymous scott whitt said...

Glad you mentioned Dangerous Toys. Great first 2 albums.

2:21 PM  

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