Thursday, April 12, 2012

Best Hair Metal albums of all time-25-21

Before I begin the countdown I just have a few more rules. Live albums and anthologies are not eligible for the list, just studio LPs and EPs. A band can have more than one album on the list. So here we go.

Poison - 1986 - Look What The Cat Dragged In(Capa)
25-Poison-Look what the cat dragged in (1986)
This may be at the top of some people's lists. The playing is very basic, but this is an influential album in this style.

smash alley
24-Smash Alley-Too late to say no (2007)
Chicago's Smash Alley were active back in the hair metal hey day, but this wasn't released until just a few years ago. Very solid hair metal with strong riffs. If they have left the two ballads off then I may have had the album even higher on the list.

23-Witch-The hex is on (1984)
This EP was very rough and raw. These guys had a sound somewhere between early Motley Crue and WASP.

la guns
22-LA Guns-s/t (1988)
This is short and to the point. Nothing fancy, but just slick hair metal.

21-TKO-In your face (1984)
Such an underrated band. I liked all their albums, but this was the best one.

Numbers 20-16 coming Friday.

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