Saturday, April 14, 2012

Forgotten Gems-Born to Metalize compilation


This compilation came out from Megaforce records and featured four New York/New Jersey bands. I remembered seeing the album cover for this on an ad from Megaforce that was in Hit Parader or one of those magazines back around 84/84. The album title sounded good to my teenage mind, but the cover was bland and I never saw it pop up at my any record store. I forgot about it entirely until recently when I saw a review on it with a download link. Each band has multiple tracks. I'll take on each band individually. New Jersey band The Beast knocked out an EP, a couple of demos and the three songs on this album. These guys had a great sound, kind of like a cross between NWOBHM and Exciter. I was impressed by the rough off the wall vocals and raw solos flying around. "The shape" is my favorite song of the three. Next up is Sneak Attack who knocked out several demos after this album. Musically they remind me a little of Breaker-era Accept mixed some heavier influences like maybe Znowhite. The vocals go from mid-range to high screeches. These guys define themselves as being from the mid-1980's which has both good and bad traits. They also knock out three likable songs. Next up is Tortured Dog who from what I could find out were on this album and nothing else. This is very basic stuff with a NWOBHM influence, but really tight and they get straight into the songs. I really like the singer's raspy voice. So three really entertaining bands so far. Up last is Hades. Hey, we know them, they went on to put out a lot of albums. So they must be really good here too, right? Well not entirely, this isn't the semi-thrash Hades I enjoyed so much later in the decade. At this point the band wanted so hard to be Dianno-era Maiden and quite honestly they were not totally up to the task. There are as many average moments as their are decent ones on the two songs here from Hades. Like I said they would get a lot better and develop their own identity a few years later. Still we get nine good tracks from three virtually unknown bands and two okay tracks from a band you know. A good compilation.

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Blogger Andy said...

The Beast is my favorite band on this compilation. They have an insane sound. I really wish they could have done more in their brief time together.

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