Thursday, April 19, 2012

US Christmas-Bad Heart Bull

Play The Assassin

"Bad Heart Bull" was originally a 2004 self-released debut album from Appalachian doom/folks act US Christmas. Now dubbed USX, the band is led by guitarist/vocalist Nate Hal. The band's promo describes USX's sound as "Neil Young without the Heart Of Gold” and in a weird way that description is rather fitting. Think along the lines of a garage rock/folk rock act lead by Neil Young as he channels the spirit of a fuzzed-out Black Sabbath. Sounds odd doesn't it? And yet there is something utterly charming about this 43-minute affair. The way this odd couple (Young and Sabbath) get along is just remarkable. It's as if folk rock and doom were always destined to be together and all it took was the skill of Nate Hal. This is one of those releases where I went in knowing absolutely nothing about the band and came away with the mindset that I really should pick up this re-release. Speaking of which, Play The Assassin has picked up this unique album and is offering a limited vinyl re-release of it. The vinyl will be limited to just 250 copies so if your at all interested in picking this album up on vinyl I would not hesitate. It is issued in three different configurations -- ultra clear with black splatter; bone white with blue swirl, and swamp green with yellow haze. There is also be vinyl/t-shirt bundles for purchase as well as and autographed test pressings! Something tells me this re-release will sell out quick. It should also be noted that all of the proceeds being split between the National Breast Cancer Foundation and the Oglala Sioux Tribe/Pine Ridge Reservation. Good music for a good cause is something I am always willing to stand behind. Especially when there is vinyl involved!

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