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It's always good to hear that thrash music is alive and well even a place like Greece. To be precise the four-piece band Menace hail from Crete, but honestly this particular brand of thrash sounds more akin to something you'd expect to hear coming out of North or South American. The band has been around since 2006 although this seems to be their first recording. Or at least that is according to the Metal Archives. Now, before I get too far ahead of myself the promo material (which by the way is not much, but what there is of it was pulled off of Strappado's Obscure Metal Blog which is where the demo came to my attention-thanks mate!) states that CD-R copies are available with pro-tapes to be released soon. Speaking of which it should probably be noted that the same folks at the Metal Archives have made mention that those pro-tapes are limited to a mere 200 copies. Just thought I'd throw that out there to everyone. So, let's get our minds back on Menace now. Just what is it that these three particular tracks might have to offer fans of thrash metal? Why don't we first take a look at the vocals of one Stelios "Stelis" Kartsonis. Some have been bringing attention to the band Rage and sure enough when you hear Stelios get things moving it does bring to mind that cult act. It takes more than just a sinister voice to get noticed these days though so on we move to the heart of the matter- the music. Here is where we find old Bay Are bands coming into play as well as South American thrash like Sepultura. Throw in some Annihilator and Razor (we can't forget about our friends up in Canada now can we?) and what you end up with is a thrash act that is hard not to like. There might be some German thrash to be found in this raw style as well (maybe a hair of Sodom?), but on the whole this thrash sounds more western then anything to these ears. These three tracks might not set the world on fire, but if your at all into thrash you could certainly do worse. You can find out more info over at Strappado's site below.

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