Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kissin' Dynamite-Money, sex and power

kissin dynamite

This is the third album from this German sleaze/hard rock outfit. They wear their influences on their sleeves with Guns and Roses, AC/DC, Motley Crue and Skid Row showing through. Plus some comparisons to current younger acts like Reckless Love and Vains of Jenna could be drawn as well. This band seems to be getting some hype. I am not sure if that's because people really like them or if they are just amazed to see a band who isn't from Sweden playing this style these days. What I liked about this album was the in your face approach they had. This style doesn't normally work when you play around with it too long so yes give me all you got right away. This also helped to demonstrate a sense of confidence and I definitely got a feeling that they love what their are doing and believe in it. Okay, I know you are just waiting for the "but" part of this review. Okay here you, overall this albums is decent, but the vocals inconsistant at times and that was a major distraction. If your singer kind of tries to be Axl Rose on moments and then sort of attempts to be Joe Le Ste the next it breaks up the flow of the music. That happened here a few times. I also felt like their creativity wasn't always equal to their energy which lead to moments where they are tyring be excited about playing dull music. That approach just didn't pan out all the time. It's a well above average effort, but they need some real work before people can start proclaming them the next big thing in hard rock.

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