Thursday, April 26, 2012

Angel King-World Of Pain

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Another Swedish sleaze metal/glam rock band? Is it just me or does it seem as if another new one pops up everyday? Taking a look at the album art left me with one of those "been there done that" feelings. And while I appreciate a hot angel with a gun as much as the next guy I wasn't exactly expecting to be blown away with anything original or inspiring. Thankfully Angel King were not as bad as I feared. This Stockholm based quartet was formed in late 2010 by guitar player Jack Vegas (Snakes In Paradise, Bedlam). Before that though Jack had actually been kicking around the idea for the band for some time. He had songs in mind, but there was just one problem- no band. Enter friends Rock Boston and Snake Denver. This bass and drummer pair (of the band degreed) helped Jack create actually music around the riffs he'd already written. With vocalist Lazzy G (Lizzard Eye) on board the band was on set. "World Of Pain" being the end result of course. First things first. I was not expecting what came out Lazzy G mouth and that was a rather noticeable Blackie Lawless vibe. It certainly makes this Swedish rock/metal band sound a bit more raw which was the one thing I did like. Music-wise though this album draws from the same sources as most modern sleaze metal/glam rock bands meaning the album sounds really familiar. That said there was one song, "Enemy", which was different. It has a real 70's vibe going for it making it stick out like a sore thumb stand among the usual AC/DC style rockers. In this case different is good though. "Enemy" is just one of those numbers where your instantly transported back in time. Or at least you are once it takes a decided turn from the usual sleaze vibe at around the 2:45 minute mark. That is when (for even a brief moment) things get interesting. Beyond that moment "World Of Pain" just walks along a well-worn path of rock and roll riffs set in place by everyone from Kiss and AC/DC to Great White, Danger Danger and Kix. While Angel King most likely do not have enough going for them right now to really stand out in the crowd (seeing as there are so many acts going for the same sound and style these days) the music is at least above average and that has to count for something right? No doubt sleaze fans would like this release although I must say that Angel King offer nothing new or exciting to the scene.

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