Friday, April 27, 2012

Stone Axe-Captured live! Roadburn festival 2011

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Stone Axe have not been around that long but they sure have quite a few releases. Even though they have done just two LPs, there were two disc deluxe editions of those plus they releases some seven inches. So what kind of release are they missing? Oh, I know a live album. They teased with some live tracks as bonuses on those deluxe editions. From those we knew they could bring it live and were very comfortable on stage too. Yet a whole album would surely be even more spectacular. Indeed it is. Not every bands translates well on a live album although some try to twist the knobs in the studio to tweak their live sound. I doubt there was a great deal of that going on when getting this album together. There didn't need to be because the old style early 70's throwback rock that this band creates so easily flows on a live album just as well as the studio versions. Maybe even better believe it or not. They tear into the instrumental opener "Stonin'" and then glide into "On with the show". From there they just keep knocking out killer rock songs one after the other with their mix of of AC/DC, Free, Bad Company and others. For me the highlights include the slow and raw "Black Widow", the bouncing "Shine on" and the heavy hitter "Old Soul". Seriously ever track is worth hearing and the band is seriously tight live.For those who are already fans of this band this is a welcome addition to their catalog. For those who have never heard this fantastic act then this would serve as a fine introduction.

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Blogger Andy said...

This is a band that must be dynamite live. They sure sound like it!

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