Monday, April 30, 2012

Dog Shredder-Brass Tactics

dog shredder
Good to die

Hailing from Bellingham, Washington this band have knocked out an EP that attempts to throw in everything but the kitchen sink at various points. Every song title starts with the word "battle" too which probably should have told me they are either short on ideas or not as funny as they may think they are. The music here will probably eventually get listed as being post-everything. At it's roots it's probably progressive and perhaps experimental. Somewhere in between the lines is some metal, hardcore and various offshoots of both of those. The pace is chaotic as a rule and not a whole lot else. I heard a lot praise about this band and for the first minute or so of each I song I could begin to understand that. Yet as each song went on, the smoke begin to clear, my senses began to return and I realized that most of the ideas the churned out out in the blur of the opening sixty seconds were the same one they were running around for the new few minutes. Meaning they were running in circles. Okay, they were running very fast and smacking their instruments all over the place to appear to be wild virtuosos. I liked much of what I heard and repetition can be fine, but I on the first two tracks I did the impression they were more about knocking out notes and beats with a feverish pace than they were about having any real direction. The third track is shorter, simpler and has more of a direction. Yet hardly typical which is great because here I can really hear and feel depth that I wished that had been able to maintain on the previous two tracks. Overall this album shows some real potential, but the band needs some more work.

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