Saturday, April 28, 2012

Forgotten Gems-Blacklace-Unlaced


Okay, admittedly unlike some of the forgotten gems I write this isn't some band I stumbled on the other day. This is New York's Blacklace and I have been a fan of theirs for some time. The first time I heard them was likely by way of them doing "I like to rock" on Hit Parader's Wild Bunch cassette only compilation back in 1985. It was a good solid rock track. Although as I would eventually find out they had even recorded even better songs. This New York band formed in 1981 then a demo in 1983 before releasing two full length efforts with "Unlaced" in 1984 and "Get it while it's hot" in 1985 both on Mausoleum records. In addition to being on the Wild Bunch they also contributed "Damn Cheater" to the "New York Metal 84" compilation. The played a lot around the New York/ New Jersey area opening for Twisted Sister, the Plastmatics, Manowar and others. The band would eventually call it quits in 1987. The band was anchored by the Fragnito brothers Anthony (bass) and Carlo (guitar). They were fronted by Maryann Scandiffio. The band had a different drummer they parted ways with shortly before recording this album, but landed Steve Werner in time to record "Unlaced". The sound is somewhere between hard rock and classic metal. Think early Warlock mixed some Judas Priest riffs and add in some catchy vocal melodies. It has a definite mid-80's feel and the lyrics range from adequate to cheesey. but the music and vocals always make up for any shortcomings in this department. I have played this album over and over during the years and own both and the follow-up on vinyl and on a two on one CD version.  Mausoleum

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Blogger Andy said...

Good band Mark! Remind me a little of DC Lacroix in the way they walked the fine line between hard rock and straight up metal.

8:19 AM  

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