Thursday, May 03, 2012

Cardiac Arrest-Vortex of Violence

Ibex Moon Records

This is the fourth full-length album for Chicago-based death metal band Cardiac Arrest. Formed in 1997 the band is made up of Adam Scott (vocals, guitars), Dave Holland (bass, vocals), Tom Knizner (guitars, vocals) and Nick Gallichio (drums). Members have played in such bands as Eve's Bringer, D.O.T.A.C., Rellik, Severed and Dogod. As with the band's last album, "Haven For The Insane", this is horror-themed/old-school death metal through and through. It's grisly and raw, often times primitive, extreme music for those who love their metal gore-soaked and twisted. By now we've all seen that this sort of vintage death metal is back in vogue so there really isn't much otherwise to get all worked up about with "Vortex Of Violence". That isn't to say its a bad album or anything. It's quite brutal and these guys know how to stack the deck in their favor. It's simply that it's a tried and true formula of old school death played with modern flair. If crushing, brutal, extreme and violent death metal is your scene then by all means get this album because it will satisfy all the blood lust you have. It's loud, angry and evil enough to keep Cardiac Arrest fans appeased as well. Chicago death metal is a wonderful thing to behold and, even if this isn't much more than well executed/crushing metal, a style that hopefully never grows tiring.

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