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Centerlink are a Boston area hard rock/heavy metal band that was formed in 2006 by members of UpperHand and Den of Thieves. This 3-piece band includes Parky (vocals and guitars), Billy-K (vocals and bass) and Jon Carota (drums) and they list bands like Black Sabbath, Black Label Society, Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, Ozzy, Rush and System of a Down as influences. Now, despite the fact that the individual band members have years of experience under their respective belts (playing in other bands ) with Centerlink the group have been building up a new following in the Boston area. How have they managed that you might ask? Sure, if a band plays out enough times (and has the "will play anywhere/with anyone" attitude) they are sure to get noticed. If this 3-track demo is an indication then I'd say there is more to the story then just flooding the scene. After listening to all this self-release has to offer (several times through by the way) I have no doubt in my mind that the band's hard driving & high energy style must be a beast live. As for their studio work? What they have laid down to tape is likely to fall under the "modern metal" banner. As much as I dislike that term what you are looking at with Centerlink is music that pulls from as much from older Metallica ("The Fallen" is Black era Metallica material) as radio rock like the Foo Fighters. Given that information calling Centerlink modern metal is not too much of a stretch. On the band's self-titled demo you also get some Motörhead/Pantera aggression thanks to the number "You Fight Back". Midway through the number though the band throws in some old fashioned heavy metal/NWOBHM style guitar solo giving it that little extra zing. "Vindictive" morphs groove metal with Metallica and Black Label Society resulting in 2 and half minutes of uptempo metal rock. Now with only three tracks there isn't much to this demo obviously. It's only 10 or so minutes long so I did the next best thing and checked out the group's Reverbnation page for other material. "Bitter Pill" (while slow paced) borders on grizzly power metal while "Darkened Days" shows the influence bands like System Of A Down have also had on Centerlink's development. With material that shows strength as well as room to grow the future holds promise for this Massachusetts act. Find out more at the links below.



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