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Well, there's a bit of a back story on this one. I first read about these guys online (in passing) and so, being that I was interested to hearing them and this album (which even though it was released in 2010 is making the promo rounds again in 2012), I reached out to the band on Facebook. Meanwhile I happened upon their album at Stereo Killer (where they are streaming it) so I just went that route. Yes, that is the same Stereo Killer were I found the Pleasant Living demo. Strange how things happen like that. While I did mention that Stereo Killer covers punk, hardcore and emo it appears as if they also cover some forms of heavy metal/thrash. Interesting. Anyway, here's the deal boys and girls. You too can hear the album in it's entirety and make the call for yourself on if or how good these guys are. Might I just mention ahead of time that this is raw crossover/street metal. Think along the lines of a more underground Cryptic Slaughter (before they went in the more straight forward thrash direction) mixing it up with some D.R.I. and early Exodus/Megadeth/Metallica and your close to what kind of racket these three lads make. I'd also settle for S.O.D. meets The Exploited meets Hydra Vein, but that's just me. This Kansas City, Missouri act also have an EP and additional LP to their name and (by some sources) are working on a new album as we speak. See the link below for more info.

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