Thursday, May 03, 2012

Slander- "Get Em Slandered" Track List Update

This past Wednesday (May 2, 2012) I did a write-up on Slander's upcoming EP of covers. The EP, "Get Em Slandered", serves a similar purpose to Metallica's "The $5.98 E.P.: Garage Days Re-Revisited". Now, just as that was Metallica's first recording to feature new bass player Jason Newsted (a underrated bass player if ever there was one) this new EP will show off the new members of Slander while also tiding fans over until the new album arrives. For a more thorough overview of the project (as well as an interview with the band) see the link below. So, without further delay the rest of the covers are as follows: "Am I Evil" (Diamond Head), "Diamonds & Rust" (Joan Baez/Judas Priest), "Madhouse" (Anthrax) and "Hallowed be Thy Name" (Iron Maiden). With the exception of Anthrax (more of a speed metal/thrash style) the rest of the bands are obvious influences on Slander's sound. Since I just now got these in my e-mail I have not had a chance to listen to them. That said, if they turn out to be anywhere as cool as the other two covers ("Detroit Rock City" and the "The Zoo") then this EP will be savage!

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