Saturday, May 05, 2012

Usurpress-In permanent twilight

Usurpress 2011 In Permanent Twilight (EP)

I downloaded this disc a few weeks ago and there it sat.  So I am finally getting some more time to write so I cue up this album from Sweden's Usurpress expecting some plain death metal. There is a great of old school death and thrash, but far from plain. They manage to brutal yet distinct in their full on assault. Just when I thought I had them pegged as a band that could only go in one gear they mix it up. They toss in some tempo changes with chaotic bursts, slow down then go off on brief yet surprising turns as well. All the cuts are fast and sharp. All most every piece of the whole is tied in tightly. Most of the songs are around three minutes or less. There are only seven tracks and the opener is just an intro so I guess the album should be considered an EP. I would like to hear when they do with a full length album and it would be good if they could add on some length on the songs and see if they could handle it. I think they have the ideas to push the boundaries of their songs even more.

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