Thursday, May 03, 2012

Mighty High-Legalize Tre Bags

Ripple Music

You know what the music world needs more of? If you answered "reviewers who don't open reviews with questions" you may have a valid point. However I wade through so many albums from scowling, uptight bands that are afraid their faces will break if they crack a smile. Not that bands like that can't be good, but I love to hear an album that's great for the music but even better is when they are enjoying what they are doing and even better than that is when they have a sense of humor. Rock and roll can be fun and Mighty High know it. Thank goodness for us that they are willing to share. This Brooklyn based band stir together some classic rock riffs, punk rock energy and stoner rock madness to serve up some of the catchiest rock to come down the pike in some. It's like old ZZtop, 70's AC/DC, Murphy's Law and Fu Manchu tightly rolled into one big long well, you get the picture.  Mighty High love to scream the praises of weed, beer and...uh that's about it. You don't have to be thrilled about getting high or drunk to enjoy the music because it's that infectious when they slap out the grooves and then just keep them coming. Mighty High keep the machine going from the fury of "Speedcreep" through the smooth rawk of "Cheap beer, dirt weed" on to the head bobbin' grooves of "Come on! I'm holdin'". Their past material was good, but this is even better. I needed an album that would make me smile and this is it, but it's more than that. "Legalize Tre Bags" manages to capture so much of the unbridled excitement, energy and pure pleasure that should be a part of real rock.

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