Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Forgotten Gems-Sacred Alien-Spiritual Planet

 sacred alien

Formed in 1980 in Manchester this band offered up a seven inch in 1981 and a split album with Virgin in 1983.This is the seven inch which includes two tracks. Side one is the title track which opens with some simple drums before picking up into a heavy galloping style. The vocals come soaring on slightly below the music. This song begins simply but really gets going about mid-way through and just takes off after that. Side B is "Energy" which at first revolves a around a rough riff before the slightly offbeat vocals kick in. After that the pace is semi-chaotic and they just do what they want throwing in different beats and not worrying about whether everything fits perfectly. The sound isn't exactly that of your typical NWOBHM band like Maiden, Diamond Head or Saxon. It's somewhere between metal and hard rock plus the slightly off key vocals and pace changes actually help to set them apart a little. A shame these guys didn't get to do more because I enjoyed their slightly off-kilter style.

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