Sunday, May 13, 2012

Forgotten Gems-Bollweevil-Rock solid

The NWOBHM scene of the late 70's and early 80's saw so many bands coming out everywhere that it was hard for every act to get somewhere. So some bands didn't get very far and that certainly wasn't always due to lack of talent. Such is the case with Bollweevil. This band knocked out just one recording during their run. It's this 1981 seven inch. This isn't your typical denim and leather, ultra serious NWOBHM act. In fact is certainly a bit different. "Rock solid" comes on and the first thought that hits me isn't metal it's "early Misfits" due to raw hum of the guitar. Now, metal fans don't flee just yet. The songs quickly turns a bit more metal but holds onto a slightly punk edge too. That last part is what makes this song so interesting. The second side has "Sands of time" which begins really slow sounding it was made about a decade before it was actually recorded. It quickly steps up and we get some more fuzzed up riffs. The vocals are a bit more typical on this one, but they fit well. I love the solo and the rhythms that follow it towards the end of the track. Since it's just two tracks it's all over and just as I really get into. It's a shame this band didn't hang around long enough to do more because it would have been very interesting to hear what they came up with for a full length effort. At least they left this single for us.

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Blogger EXT said...

Hello, do you know the year of this band split up??

4:19 PM  
Blogger Andy said...

There is not a lot known about this band as far as when they broke up and what not. I consulted The N.W.O.B.H.M. Encyclopedia, which is the be all end all when it comes to information on bands and release from the nwobhm scene, and even they (or rather author Malc Macmillion)had very little to go by when it came to this release.

4:49 AM  

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