Saturday, November 24, 2012

Burning Love-Rotten Thing To Say

Southern Lord

This being a Southern Lord band and all you just know it's going to be as far away from radio-friendly rock as possible. Of course that is a good thing. With that being the case and all Ontario's Burning Love are truly one of those bands that defy easy categorization. For their second LP the band managed to secure the services of Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou when it came time for recording this little beast. Stepping foot in Godcity Studio with Kurt resulted in a album that is.....well, how do you even hope to give this the proper "tag"? It's born of hardcore/punk so that is easy enough. But, the band also "rocks" as in garage rock and roll. And the weird thing is what exactly? I mean rock and roll meets punk/hardcore isn't exactly a new thing. While names escape me (it's been a long day already) this isn't my first rodeo when it comes to this sort of rock. The thing is though, here we have a band like Burning Love who don't come off as some sort of novelty act or sound as if they are trying to fill a niche. Instead this is the almost natural progression of punk rock with more rock elements. Of course few "current" punk outfits are this heavy on the hardcore or this sincere. These guys sounds as if they mean business even if they are laying down some sick rock in the process! Formed by several members of the band Our Father the line-up also includes vocalist Chris Colohan (Cursed, Left For Dead, the Swarm). The band's intent was to play filthy rock/hardcore and they succeeded at that. This one should appeal to not only punks, but some metal heads as well as "Rotten Thing To Say" has a nice hard rock backside.

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