Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Very End-Turn Off The World

Steamhammer / SPV

Not one to pass up an album just because of album art (can't say I was always like this as album art used to be a make it or break deal when it came to throwing down my hard-earned cash for a LP) I decided to dive head-first into this album. No sneak peaks at style or anything...just hit play and let it all go from there. If I would have had to guess about these guys by the name and artwork I would have said hard rock/traditional metal or AOR. In this case I was glad to be wrong. Formed in 2004, The Very End are very much a thrash act with equal style points added on for moments of death (Entombed’s LG Petrov joins in on the fun for "The Black Fix") and groove metal. Most of the time though this LP (album number 3 for the band) falls rather perfectly into thrash/technical thrash territory. Looking online it's interesting to see that these guys hail from Germany (Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia to be exact) as this is nothing like what you might expect from that general area. No, not much Sodom or Kreator going on here as this is American metal without actually being from the U.S. Testament meets Pantera perhaps? It's true that this is heavy-handed metal and, as such, it would fairly easily fit in to your collection next to Kreator or Sodom. The riffs, when not indulging in melodic moments, are thick and sinister like German thrash. No denying that. At around 46 minutes this LP comes in, knocks stuff around, lights your house on fire and then does the old exit stage left routine. It doesn't overstay it's welcome (even if it does leave quite a mess behind) and, since it shakes things up between (or even within) songs it's one of those albums that holds your interest while thrashing about your innards.

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