Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Heavy Metal songs?

Now there are metal and hard rock Christmas songs, like it or not. Plenty of metal songs can be related to Halloween as well. Heck, not so great hair band Keel did a song called 4th of July back in (not surprisingly) the 1980's. What about Thanksgiving? Has there ever been a Thanksgiving metal or hard rock song? If so go ahead and share, inform us. If not then is it because Thanksgiving and metal would seem to go together like a pickle and strawberry jelly sandwich? Or does the holiday just not lend itself to metal? Or maybe you can write up a metal Thanksgiving song right now and share with us so we have one for the holiday. No, I did not spend much time at all thinking up or writing this topic yet people will come and read it and either shake their heads and this nonsense or contribute a comment and help spread the madness.

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