Saturday, November 17, 2012

Interview with Thorr-Axe


I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Tucker Thomasson the guitarist/vocalist of Thorr-Axe.
MM-Please introduce the members of your band.

TT-We are Mitchell McKinney on bass, Jacob Lett on drums and vocals, and myself, Tucker Thomasson, on guitar and vocals. 
MM-Tell us some about the history of Thorr-Axe.

TT-Thorr-Axe was formed in November of 2007 by myself and Travis Roach, who played bass, then switched to druns in 2009. We played some shows, broke up, then reformed in 2009, adding Mitchell on bass. We recorded a demo, played an assload of shows, recorded an album, lost two drummers, got a new one, and are now writing our second full-length. 
MM-How has your band progressed since forming?
TT-We've gotten a lot more comfortable in our own skin as far as live shows go. The new material we've been writing has been flowing very naturally as well. I think we're just more comfortable with what we're doing now overall. 

MM-You released an album last year, are you currently working on writing any new music?

TT-Yes, we are! We have one song completely done and a few more in the works for what is shaping up to be the next Thorr-Axe album. 
MM-Do you record with any vintage equipment? If so then what do you use and what do you think it adds to your sound?

TT-We mostly use whatever recording equipment we can afford. We're not above using modern computer based systems, but we don't succumb to using studio trickery like many other bands our age. About the only vintage things we use are our bass and bass rig. 
MM-Who are your musical influences?

TT-Sleep, High on Fire, Bathory, Celtic Frost, Motorhead, Black Flag, and Discharge just to name a few. 
MM-You have a number of songs with lyrics about warriors and Vikings. How did that come about? Are these topics major interests for everyone in the band?

TT-We like badass things. That's pretty much what it comes down to. The viking/Norse aspect is largely from me, but it's really more about the feel of things rather than to the letter Viking themes. I like telling stories. 
MM-What is the music scene like in your area? How could it be better than it currently is?
TT-Lots of flicky-haired metalcore. It would be better without those flicky-haired metalcore bands. However, that's not to say that there aren't good bands here. Indianapolis is home to a wealth of awesome doom, black, and thrash metal bands. Our own home turf of Bloomington has quite a few offerings as well.

MM-Are there any other great bands in your area that we should know about?

TT-I'll just list them off. 
Deschain - Progressive black metal
Thanasphere - Melodic death metal
Locus Amoenus - Genre bending black/death metal
Lynched - Crossover hardcore/thrash
Stronghold - Hardcore
MM-What do think about the metal scene in general in 2012? Is it better than it was ten years ago, worse or about the same?
TT-I'm too young to say, honestly. I'm 21. 

MM-Have you been touring much this year? If so then where have you played with?

TT-We went on a short one just this past weekend. We played in Springfield, IL with Witchweed, Ode Vinter, and Scott Blacula, and then the next night in Madison, WI on the second night of Bachfest 2012 with The Garza, Poney, Fister, Buffalo Witch, Speaker Eater, and many others. 
MM-What bands would you love to share a stage with?

TT-Protestant from Milwaukee would be badass. And we'd also love to play with Northless again. 
MM-If someone said “why should I listen to your band” then what would be your response?
TT-Because then you'll want to see us live, where we hurt things with sound. 

MM-What are some of your favorite albums of 2012 so far?

TT-Protestant's "Reclamation". The Southern Lord reissue of High on Fire's "Art of Self-Defense". 
MM-I submit every band I interview to this so pick the band you prefer from each of the following pairs and tell why you picked them.
Sleep or Cathedral
Sleep because of their short, yet trailblazing career.
Electric Wizard or Orange Goblin
Electric Wizard, for being far more prolific and having a notable progression from album to album.

Saint Vitus or Candlemass
Candlemass. Epicus Doomicus Metalicus. Need I say more?

Black Sabbath or Pentagram
 Black Sabbath for inspiring me to play guitar at all. 
MM-Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your band or your music?

TT-We have shirts and albums on our webstore, the Thorr-Axe Mercantile. Check it out. 


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For some reason, it always makes me chuckle when I hear a metal band cite Black Flag as one of their musical influences...

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