Saturday, November 10, 2012


Massacre Records

Given the band's name and record label I wasn't sure what to expect. Having never heard of this German band I walked into this album completely blind. For once that proved to be quite the enjoyable experience. I'm not sure I was expecting high quality melodic heavy metal though. Maybe AOR or possibly some sort of power metal, but not melodic heavy metal. Formed in 2010, and featuring the talents of drummer Michael Ehré (Firewind, Uli Jon Roth, Metalium), this is actual the band's sophomore release with "Brace for Impact" having been released in 2011. Lead by vocalist Jan Manenti (who sounds a bit like David Coverdale fronting a Dio tribute band) the band also features guitarists Christian Stöver and Stefan Ellerhorst (both formerly of Crossroads) bassist Jogi Sweers and keyboardist Sascha Onnen (Mob Rules). Now, speaking of  keyboards, for once they not only add to the sound, but they help to enhance it. As stated that sound is simply superb melodic heavy metal that lightly treds into hard rock and power metal. Bands like Rainbow and Dio are choice comparrisons, but there is a definate European power metal vibe going on-only difference would be that it would be more rock oriented power metal (if that makes any sense) as well as nods towards everyone from Accept to Whitesnake. As with the band's debut album " 2 Big 2 Fail" was produced by Michael Ehré (who was a drummer in bands like Gamma Ray, Firewind, Metalium or with artists like Uli Jon Roth, Matt “Gonzo” Roehr, Vinnie Moore and Kee Marcello) and, judging by the sound of things, his time spent in bands like Gamma Ray rubbed off. Ehré then handed the ball off so it could be mixed and mastered by Markus Teske (Spock´s Beard, Saga, Vanden Plas). At the risk of giving these guys too much credit (as this sort of melodic rock/heavy metal/light power metal is not something new) the band does make a serious go at embracing their own unique sound and man alive, they don't quite reach that summit but they are so close. Better bands have paved the way for LOVE.MIGHT.KILL, but these guys are not out looking to lead the way. All they are doing is walking the path and doing it with skill and grace.

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