Friday, November 09, 2012

Kicker-Not you



The last time I heard these guys was about a year and a half ago with their single "Innit" and I wasn't so thrilled by it. These guys are a punk band from Oakland, California featuring front man Pete “The Roadie” on vocals being backed by ex-members of Neurosis, Dystopia and others. So it's an American backing band, but Pete is British and in his long career as a roadie he worked for everyone from the Subhumans to Fugazi to Neurosis. The sound is a throwback to late 70's and early 80's UK punk like the Exploited, Subhumans and other. They go at it spit and steam and at time it's primitive only the varied drumming and smoother production let us know this isn't a bunch of teens cranking out what they can in 1981. The sound is similar to their single form last and "Innit" is on here too. Somehow it work better stuck in the middle of full length album. Pete approaches the lyrics and vocals like it's thirty years ago and he has a chip on his shoulder. Maybe he does have a chip on his shoulder, but he manages to convey the kind disgruntled attitude that ruled the punk world back in those early days. That's also an approach that doesn't show up enough on what is called punk rock/hardcore in recent years. Songs about drinking and hating the system are not going to open any new thoughts, but they enjoy and do so in a way that will have you wanting more. This is a bunch of older guys who loved the style and wanted to re-create it. They've done so in way that adds some higher playing techniques that the bands they liked didn't have and that adds a slightly new dimension here. Kicker had managed to grind out a fairly likable and impressive album.

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