Friday, November 09, 2012

Black Jesus-Black Jesus saves


Hell's Headbangers

 Okay from the moniker we know this will be some "more evil than though" type rants over some thick noise.They deliver eight tracks coming around a total of 19 minutes of crusted death, grinding metal plus they squeeze some droning doom to boot. This was released in Australia earlier this year, but is now getting a vinyl release on Hells Headbangers with a slightly different cover. With tracks that don't stay around long they have to hit you right away and make an impression from the start or else their songs will be over before you know it. "Dead in their tracks" and "River runs black" are prime examples of brief songs that manage to smash you in the cranium from the get go and keep you reeling for a minute or two. You have heard much of this style before back in the late 80's early 90's from acts like Napalm Death and others. These guys don't just put forth one riff and ride on it. Even though the songs are short they still aim to squeeze multiple tempo changes in as quickly as can. No only that but the writing is strong enough that they build momentum as they go instead of just trying to overwhelm you pure volume. The music frequently rises to a dizzy level of brutality, but it's the varied tones and way they make the transitions sound so easy that had me hooked. This was a spectacular blending of styles from a band that surprised me with the way they handled and mastered their material. Definitely worth a listen.

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