Sunday, November 11, 2012


Devouter Records

Doesn't seem that long ago that I covered Chapel Hill, N.C. act Make. You can check out my review of their last album below, but "Axis" is more of the same only it's 3-tracks this time around. When the opening number is 17 minutes long though it kind of makes up for being "only 3-tracks". As stated it's more of the same only in this case that is a very fine thing again. This is fuzzed out doom by way of  freaked-out drone-metal rock. Yes, it's every bit as unnerving and unnatural as that might sound and yet, given the right context in which one sits down to fully plug-in and engage this album with, it's a thing of beauty. Don't expect anything that sparkles or shines though as this is bleakness at it's optimal level (only without making you want to throw yourself in front of a moving train or anything stupid like that). Hard and harsh metal shouldn't be so effective in such an ambient setting and yet Make do just that-they make the noise their own work of art.

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