Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving reviewathon coming soon


The promo links are piling up. This would be partially do the fact that I have not been reviewing them. There are some good albums ready to be listened to and reviewed. So to catch up I am going to attempt to review 12 albums in five days between this Wednesday and Sunday. Right now the plan is to review albums by these artists- Mos Generator C.F.A. Volume Marty Friedman (2 discs) Rites Asia A perfect day Fight Amp Deceased Troubled Horse Kylesa I hold the right to substitute any albums that come in between now and the start of the reviewathon for the album albums should a new more interest promo pop up in the next couple of days. Actually I already made some substitutions while making this list. As I realized there doom, stoner and experimental metal albums availible I quickly put those in and tossed out some power and prog metal stuff.

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