Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Trillion Red-Metaphere

badGod Music

It was a bit of a surprise to see that this one had managed to slip by me unnoticed. Yet there it was with about a month's worth of dust and clutter on top. Why the fuss? If that name doesn't ring any bells shake then a quick glance at my review of the band's "Two Tongues" EP is in order. You'll find that below. What I said then (June 9th of 2011) still rings out loud and true today. Only difference is that here Trillion Red has a whole album's worth of experimental material. For the uninformed this is "Dark Progressive Avant-Garde metal" a tag which, though not entirely clear, does at least begin to describe the incredibly interesting sound that is Trillion Red. It isn't expressly stated, but on Trillion Red's debut full-length album one would assume, whether fairly or not is open to debate, that this is a two-man project with Patrick Brown clearly in charge. Is it at all accessible for your everyday heavy metal listener? That is a very good question. It's metal without boundaries which makes it likely to appeal to those inclined to live life more on the edge and in the shadows. Musically it might not easily be defined (not that that is a bad thing as each listen leaves room for another interpretation) however it is noted that the album deals with "the struggle between darkness and light" which is something that we, as fellow humans sharing one tiny world, are faced with daily. "Metaphere" is a different album then what would normally pass for "top notch metal" and it's highly likely that most traditional heavy metal/hard rock fans would be put off by the occasional slow pace. Given time to indulge this album though (best achieved in an alone setting) I'd wager that more then a few "true blue heavy metal fanatics" would be pleasantly surprised at the unique beauty of this journey. 


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