Saturday, November 24, 2012

Current playlist

Computer is working again.

Medieval Steel-demo -Wish I had heard this one years ago.
Warlock-Hellbound -My favorite by them.
The Yardbirds-Happenings ten years time ago -Checked it out from the library.
A pefect day-s/t -New release from Frontiers records, hope to review it soon.
Aces Wild-Deal us in -This deserves to be a forgotten gem. I bought it 6-7 years ago and thought it was okay. Listened to it this week and it was like a different album.
Fates Warning-The spectre within -They pull in elements of Maiden and Mercyful Fate which are two of my all time favorites. For some reason I always thought Fates Warning were more than a little overrated. Exxplorer-demo -Great demo from 1985.
Fullforce-Next Level -Power metal isn't usually my thing, but this is pretty good.
Population Reduction-Each birth a new disaster -Solid hardcore/metal album from a few years ago.
City Girl's Boys-s/t -Burned this one from a glam site that normally has crap, but this EP was very cool. Kind of like if Queenie Blast Pop had been around in the mid-80's

Hulk graphic novels
The part-time Vegan Redshirts
Dragontree-League of the Dragontree (actually need to start this and it written by a co-worker of mine)

Watched a bunch of Thanksgiving episodes of shows this past week including Cheers, the Munsters, Third rock from the sun, the Bob Newhart show and Home Improvement.
Arthur Christmas
Should watch some Karloff movies to celebrate his b-day being the other day.

Playing- Lego Indiana Jones Dig Dug

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