Friday, December 07, 2012


Napalm Records

Observant readers will no doubt have made note of the fact that this is my second (Or is it my 3rd?) go round with this review. If I didn't know any better I'd almost swear as if the very essence of what Hate is all about, the evil and vile blackened filth, had made it's way into my computer and corrupted files with it's toxic take on black/death metal. How else to explain what has now taken me over two hours, between two computers mind you, a fairly straight-forward and simple review to post? Despite the odd nature of my day this new album by Polish extreme metal act Hate is nothing to joke about. This is pretty brutal material we are talking about from a band that is well-known for creating brutal metal to begin with. Lead very effectively by the chilling Adam The Last Sinner (I wonder if that's his "Christian" name?) these extreme metal merchants have been making their own mark on the scene since 1990. While the band may have started off as a death metal act, and an evil and vile one at that, they have evolved into an even more twisted and grotesque blackened death metal band. With an unholy outlook and a desire to play nothing but the most extreme metal they possibly could this group has released another dark and dastardly LP. Firmly camped out in the anti-Christian,satanic side of the movement (Which I guess would be the case with the bulk of black metal acts these days) these mavericks of mayhem might be unleashing a sinister racket, but at least their technically sound in doing so. No one can deny the talent here and the album has been written/performed in such a way that the Behemoth worship isn't as obvious. While it's not due until January of 2013 this 9-track release should be on the radar of all those who like to live over on the dark side of existence and for those who simply adore extreme metal that is loving wrapped up in as much evil as possible. As stated this is some sick and twisted stuff and a lot of that vibe hinges on the production of this album as it perfectly reflects the very nature of Hate. 2013 looks to be a good (Depending on your point of view that is) year for extreme metal and black/death metal fans as Hate looks to lead the faithful into the dark realm that is sin's cold and damning embrace. You've been properly warned and/or encouraged about the savage, nightmare-inducing music that is Hate so the next move is all yours...

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