Friday, December 07, 2012

Current Playlist

Another working week has just about ended. Hopefully you all survived it and are none the worse for wear.

Listening to:

Punk You Vol. 1 (Some great older punk-Stiff Upper Fingers, Wire. Generation X, etc.)
Dark Age-Dark Age (I will have to do a Forgotten Gem article on this one-great 80's metal!)
Gluecifer-Automatic Thrill (Interesting modern hard rock/ modern metal)
Auf der Maur-Auf der Maur (Her first solo release is oddly enchanting)
999-Punk Singles Collection (Unique punk rock)
Metalwolf-Down To the Wire (More 80's metal)
Children 18:3 (Christian punk/alternative rock/metal hybrid)
Freeloader Comp Vol 1 (See my review for more info)
Christiansen-Stylish Nihilists (Compelling alternative rock)
Uhrijuhla-Uhrijuhla (Again, see my review for this fabulous listening experience!)

The Gathering (A real letdown)
The Birds (Simply a masterpiece!)

Moonrise Kingdom (My daughter wanted to see this and, for once, the hype is legit!)
The Three Stooges (So stupid and yet the kids and I shared more then a few laughs)

Latest issue of Metal Hammer (Just can't get enough metal in my diet!)

So, what are you listening, watching and/or reading this week?

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